From the ancient times of the Minoans to the Greek folk of today, the traditional or the modern, there are two things that visitors can expect to greet them when they arrive here. The wonderful sunshine and the warmth of the people are waiting to welcome you to their paradise.
For many centuries mainland Greece and its hundreds of islands has welcomed visitors to share in the splendour of their land. Mount Olympus will impress you, the coastline will enchant you and the islands will simply take your breath away. The warm Aegean Sea to the east, the Ionian Sea to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the South is a recipe for heaven on Earth. The myths and the legends, the old and the new – it is all here in the beautiful land we call Greece.

Cyclades islands Andros


Cyclades islands Paros


Cyclades islands Paros


Saronic islands Hydra


Saronic islands Poros


Saronic islands Spetses

Saronic islands, a villa somewhere near Spetses

From the moment you arrive in these ancient lands you will step back in time to another era. You will relax as you wonder at the views and the landscapes, you will dream of times long past. The colourful boats on the waters, the traditional houses nestled on hillsides and the clear blue waters of the seas around you. You will understand why the ancient people of the world came here to settle, to live out their lives in one of the most beautiful settings on Earth.